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Resume Translation Service>  <font size=Your résumé is a document that contains a summary of your job experience and education. It is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding you as a job seeker. The résumé is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when you are seeking employment. The résumé is comparable to a curriculum vitae in many countries, although in United States and Canada it is substantially different.

In many contexts, a résumé is short (usually one page), and therefore contains only experience directly relevant to a particular position. Many résumés contain precise keywords that potential employers are looking for, make heavy use of active verbs, and display content in a flattering manner.

Since increasing numbers of job seekers and employers are using Internet-based job search engines to find and fill employment positions, longer résumés are needed for applicants to differentiate and distinguish themselves, and employers are becoming more accepting of résumés that are longer than two pages. Many professional résumé writers and human resources professionals believe that a résumé should be long enough so that it provides a concise, adequate, and accurate description of an applicant's employment history and skills.

We will translate your résumé so that it accurately reflects the concise, adequate, and accurate description of your employment history and skills.

We translate documents that are required by individuals and public authorities for employment application purposes. These fall into the following broad categories:

EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT TRANSLATED DOCUMENTS: Academic Degrees; Chef Licenses; Diplomas; Employment Certificates; Graduation Certificates; High School Transcripts; Letters of Recommendation; Nursing Licenses; Reference Letters; School Transcripts; Teaching Licenses; University Transcripts.

IMMIGRATION & TRAVEL TRANSLATED DOCUMENTS: Adoption Papers; Alien Registration Certificate; Birth Certificates; Drivers’ Licenses; Immigration and Naturalization Papers; Immunization Records; INS Acceptance Documents; Naturalization Papers; Passports; Police Clearances and Police Records; Travel cards and other Travel Documents; Vehicle Registration Documents; Visas.

LEGAL DOCUMENTS TRANSLATED: Affidavits; Notarized Documents; Power of Attorney Documents; Property Papers, Real Estate Deeds and Leases; Sworn Statements.

FAMILY, FINANCE & MATRIMONY TRANSLATED DOCUMENTS: Bank Statements; Divorce Certificates; Family Registers; Financial Records; Marriage Certificates; Medical Records; Proof of Income Documentation.

Resume Translation  When you apply for work put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression with a résumé that has been translated by an expert who is fluent in your native language and is familiar with the technical language of the field you work in.

Don't settle for anything but the best and allow us to present you in the best possible light.

proofreading service  Our proofreading service consists of reviewing any text for errors – hard copy (written documentation) or electronic (e.g. websites, MSWord files, PowerPoint files).The types of errors we look for include: missing words; typos; spelling mistakes; formatting errors; missing or bad punctuation; etc.

The proofreading service is combined with light copy-editing: checking for grammar; improper language usage; run-on sentences; consistency issues; etc. Our objective is to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of your written material without changing the content.

Certified Translation Service  Whatever the nature of the documentation or the language pair involved, we can assist you in determining what the specific nature of your requirements are. We have specific expertise in sourcing the appropriate translator resource, securing applicable certification and/or notarization (if, where and when required), and doing so in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Translation Performance Commitment  Our Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind guarantee is the cornerstone of our commitment to deliver competitively priced services of the highest quality within agreed upon deadlines. Our work is not done until the work is approved by our clients and they are completely satisfied.

The most important words in our customer service language....

We assist clients from across North America and overseas. View descriptions of typical translation, proofreading and editing assignments: Sample translation projects.

Full Privacy and Absolute Confidentiality is assured.

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  Bi-Directional Document Translation Service for virtually any language pair and all ethnicities

In addition to providing technical document translation services from any language into the English, French or Spanish languages, we can also assist Toronto & area clients with the translation of technical material into the world's most popular languages: English ↔ Chinese; English ↔ Arabic; English ↔ German; English ↔ Japanese; English ↔ Portuguese; English ↔ Russian; English ↔ Korean; English ↔ Italian; English ↔ Hindi; to name but the most popular among the more than 75 languages that we can handle for you.

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